Thursday, September 18, 2008

10 reasons Gaddafi should not be a guest of Gordon Clown in Britain

Letter from Lucinda Lavelle ; Secretary of the British Libyan Solidarity Campaign

From: The British-Libyan Solidarity Campaign
Date: Wed, Sep 17, 2008 at 4:26 AM
Subject: Gordon Brown's invitation to Gaddafi the Dictator

Dear Sirs

On the 9th September it was announced that Gordon Brown plans to invite Col. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya to visit the UK to improve diplomatic relations and open the door wider for mutual Trading Agreements and UK arms sales just days after the 1st September’s 39th Anniversary of the Military Coup that put Gaddafi in power. Once again a British PM is playing follow my leader with the US as the announcement came 5 days after Condoleeza Rice’s historic visit to Libya. History repeats itself ad nauseum.

Is the invitation a reward for abandoning his weapons of mass destruction program? What a load of rubbish! Gaddafi never had weapons of mass destruction programs, (although he will have after the UK and France have delivered the missile systems they recently sold to him) but it suits the West to pretend he did to prove how “successful” the “War on Terror” is. Gaddafi continues to rule Libya through fear and brutality – he supports Robert Mugabe, he gave asylum to Idi Amin, he hangs, shoots and imprisons anyone brave enough to peacefully protest against his regime, he is a dictator equal to Saddam Hussein and he is to be a guest in this country at the expense of us, the tax payers.

Gaddafi continues to keep his people in poverty while his family behaves like oil tycoon playboys around Europe, only a few weeks ago Gaddafi’s youngest son, Hannibal spent time in jail in Switzerland for maltreating his domestic servant – Gaddafi’s reaction to this episode was to threaten an eye for eye response!. A Dictator who has turned over a new leaf? I don’t think so! On the 29th August Gaddafi’s son and heir to the throne – Saif El-Islam said that the Lockerbie victims are “very greedy” what an insult to the victims of the bombing of the Pan Am flight that Gaddafi should be a guest in our country and not to forget the family of Yvonne Fletcher, the young police woman who was shot dead outside the Libyan Embassy by Gaddafi’s henchmen.

Gaddafi has supported terrorism for years – and now he is to be our guest – the future looks bright for Osama Bin Laden.

10 reasons Gaddafi should not be a guest of Gordon Clown in Britain

1-He is a Dictator equal to Saddam Hussein

2-He gave asylum to Idi Amin who murdered half a million of his people

3-He supports Robert Mugabe who starves and murders his people

4-He has massacred his own people who peacefully oppose him

5-He sanctioned the Lockerbie Bombing

6-He has supported International Terrorism for years

7-He is totally unstable and can not be trusted

8-He has political prisoners who have been locked away for decades

9-His sons act like oil tycoons while his people live in poverty

10-He is a traitor to his people, his faith, his country

Lucinda Lavelle

Secretary of the British Libyan Solidarity Campaign


Anonymous said...

Dar Sir/Madam,

Although I respect your opinion but I do not agree with you approach. I think Qaddafi's visit can only improve the prospect of change in Libya. by inviting Qaddafi to the UK there is an increased chance of Qaddafi adapting to a more civilized approach in running the country. please do not forget that Qaddafi still has a strong support in Libya and by launching a direct attack on him and isolating Libya can only harm the innocent that we are trying to protect. please note that global isolation has only lead to the suffering of the people while the tyrants get stronger and the history is full of Profs.


Hafed said...

With all due respect, anyone who thinks or says that Gaddafi has "strong" support in Libya is someone who does not know anything about Libya. I am willing to bet anything in the world that if we can conduct an independent and free survey of Libyans, Gaddafi will be absolutely lucky to get anything above 5% , mainly his own clan and those who benefited from his misrule. I have always been challenging Libyan officials and Gaddafi slaves to simply prove us wrong and allow us to conduct such a survey.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hafed,

Thank you for your time in responding to my entry.
please let me clarify that I am a Libyan citizen who was living in Libya until 7 years ago and I can confirm that the amount of people benefiting from the chaos in Libya is by far greater than what is estimated.
because of the unfortunate events that took place in our beloved Libya, the peoples mentality has changed allowing for a greater deal of corruption and dependency.
in Libya today I can name few that although they are known to be one of the worst offenders when it comes to public money wasting and making personal gains, they are looked at within the society as smart and worthy of forming relations with.
this is a phenomena that unless treated soon will have severe consequences.
please let’s not forget that Libya is made of Libyans who allowed the current situation to progress as long as it did and the number of these Libyans has to be significantly high to silence the nation that never tolerated injustice.


PS: I am sure someone of you intellect can avoid branding people with names such s slaves regardless of the whether they are or not. we look up to people like yourself as people who carry the problems of the nation for no personal reasons then the greater good of our people.

Hafed said...

Thank you Munder

Let me address your two points:

1- Its true that the Libyan society has shown itself to be weak and by in large corruptible society for allowing this Gaddafi cancer to spread and survive for 40 years. That however is not uniquely a Libyan problem. Most societies when faced with the kind of brutality that the Gaddafi mafia has exhibited over the years will opt to live in fear than stand up and fight for their principles and values. I can assure you that even countries like the US and the UK, show such traits. The last 8 years of the Bush and Blair duo have shown how both the American and British society will easily buckle and allow wide spread forms of violations of human rights even by their own governments. The majority of people are cowards and will always opt to accommodate evil than fight it. But that is not equal to saying that they support evil. Libyans are terrified of Gaddafi but they neither respect nor like him. Given a choice that does not jeopardize their safety, I say again, Gaddafi will not get more than 5% support in an open and free elections. In fact most Libyans if asked weather they think they and their families are better off today or 40 years ago, will vote for the second choice.

2- About calling Gaddafi's henchmen and those who are willing to accommodate him slaves. I say slaves and even worshipers because that is exactly what they are. The Qur'an accuses some Jews of taking their Rabbis as Gods because they follow them no matter what. Those who follow Gaddafi and go as far as kill and torture human beings for his sake can not be called any thing else politely but slaves. Pretending to be polite at the cost of truth is simply wrong and its one of the many things that got us in this hole we are all trying to dig ourselves from.

Anonymous said...


Once more, thank you for taking time in responding to my comments.

I agree that mankind is weak when faced with fear or convenience which can take us into another discussion that needs more than one forum to accommodate.

taking any life regardless of the reason is wrong. i also agree that we should call things by their names but I fear that this can cause a swear contest in your respectful forum.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...

The reality is Mugabe does not preside over an oil lake, Gadhafi does! As we have followed over the last few years, western leaders have put interest over integrity and principles. All the talk about democracy and respect of human rights by western politicians, including Gordon Brown, is either for public consumption or to address criticism from some of their own constituents. It is about time to realise that we Libyans have to help ourselves and not wait for political charity! from western countries. These western countries and other countries around the world, got rid of despots like Gadhafi through civil strive and hard struggle. Great things like freedom and justice do not come without paying their deserved price!
Graet job Hafed and good to see you and Libya Monitor back!

Guma El-Gamaty

Hafed said...

Thanks Guma and Ramadan Mubarak... I still owe you a phone call :-)

PH said...

"These western countries and other countries around the world, got rid of despots like Gadhafi through civil strive and hard struggle."

And civil war, like both the US and the UK. It is easy to blame Libyan society for keeping him in power while sitting in the US and the UK. It is easy to overlook the fact that whole societies like Benghazi, Ajdabieya and Darna where besieged, and shelled and as in the case of Derna totally sanctioned the threat to him was so great that he disbanded the police and army in the western region and brought in 'blue eyed blonde' mercenaries. What role has the west played in helping him to stay in power ? And what has the opposition done to stop western support of him during the last 30 years other than to fight over who takes over ?

"It is about time to realise that we Libyans have to help ourselves and not wait for political charity! "

Took you long enough to figure that out, any reader of western history would have known that a long time ago. Actually any practicing Muslim would know that the west doesn't have our interests at heart and only pursue their own and use our sacrifices and suffering as bargaining chips against him. So when are you lot coming back to Libya to die or suffer with us ?