Thursday, September 4, 2008

Welcome to the Libya Monitor

Dear All,

Over the past few years, the Libya News List had served its purposes of sharing news about Libya in English. Now, finding news about Libya in English is no longer a problem, all you need is access to Google or Yahoo news and you will get all the news about Libya and Gaddafi your stomach can handle.

What is needed today, in my opinion, is less noise, clichés, drivel, and more accurate information and analysis about Libya, a semi- collapsed state run by a mafia family which, I believe, will prove to be far more of a problem to itself and the world in the near future than all the short-sighted politicians, oily oil men, and the Gaddafi paid low-life lobbyists will want you to believe.

So today I would like to welcome you to another service; the Libya Monitor, a blog-to-email list that is not intended to cover news about Libya, but only distribute unique analysis and commentary on Libya from time to time. The articles and information I would like to distribute is not the one you will see in the mass news services, with their clichés and fluff, but I do hope to share with you articles, bits of information, and analysis that are more thoughtful and less influenced by public relations firms and soon-to-be-thrown out Bush appointees looking for a buck even if it's paid for with the blood of countless Libyan and non-Libyan victims of Gaddafi.

The intention here is only to distribute items that are really worth while, so the load on your email will be kept very light.

In order to start this blog off, I have put up 2 excellent articles. The first; "Elegant Colonialism" is by Rami Khouri commenting on the "Italian-Libyan" agreement. The second is by Michele Dunne, of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, about the trip of Condi Rice and US-Libya relations. A visit that I personally believe reflects how far the US has gone in abandoning all its rhetoric about democracy and human rights in the Arab world. I would also say it reflects unfavorably on Dr. Rice personally, after all it was Gaddafi who called her publicly few months ago; "my dark skinned sweetheart".

Anyhow, please do visit the blog at: to read these two articles.

Finally, I would like to invite you all to send me any comments , information or analysis that comes your way and think it's worth sharing with the over 1900 members of this Libya Monitor list.

Thank You
Hafed Al Ghwell


John Leeson said...

Thank you for creating this. Although Google News and other services are excellent, I've missed the service and kind of coverage you have provided in the past.

I'm sure others like me who care about the country and people are also happy to see this information source.

John Leeson(Canada)

Anonymous said...

How funny to launch this so close to Sept 1st...more to celebrate.

There is a piece published in the New Yorker in 2005 "Circle of Fire" which I feel is compulsory reading for all interested in Libya.