Saturday, November 15, 2008

Seif El Gaddafi in the USA

There are reports on the Libyan blog-sphere that Seif El Gaddafi is arriving to the United States on Nov. 16.This marks the first time he has been allowed to visit the US despite his many attempts in the past to secure a US visa. The logic behind granting him a visa now is that the defunct and morally corrupt Bush administration has restored diplomatic immunity to the Gaddafis, so there is very little chance that some legal action can be taken against him while he is in the country, which would have embarrassed the Bush administration beyond measure. It is also the last gift Bush can give the oil companies and their Libyan oil plantation enforcers before he vacates the oval office.

I hope that Libyan Americans in the US, as well as the families of the victims of Lockerbie and other Gaddafi atrocities, whom Seif called, blood suckers, show him the kind of welcome he and his father deserves.

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