Monday, September 22, 2008

Gaddafi ; no comment is necessary

Here is a sample video from YouTube. Its a video of a group of young Arabs watching an interview with Mo'amer El Gaddafi and laughing as though they are watching a stand up comedian. This is an example of a common trend these days among Arabs; circulating all sorts of video and audio clips of Gaddafi as cyber jokes. I have received so many of them... indeed I have been even invited to "Gaddafi parties" where guests are invited to watch a speech of the "Colonel" as the main entertainment of the evening !CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE VIDEO

Here is another from someone impersonating "the brother leader" ; CLICK HERE

For more videos of "The King of Kings of Africa" from YouTube CLICK HERE

Sadly, Gaddafi's buffoonery is no joke to Libyans who have to live under his primitive rule.


Khadijateri said...

They do the very same thing in America... it is completely NORMAL to make fun of politicians in most parts of the world.

So what is the big deal here? Can you please stick to articles that are newsworthy?

Hafed said...

If you think the two are equal, then I must admit I have nothing to offer you... Those who know the difference don't need me to tell them, and those who choose not, no explanation will suffice.