Saturday, September 20, 2008

The limitless depths of Condi Rice's hypocrisy

Here is an interesting letter from a former senior political appointee in the Reagan and elder Bush administrations published in the Palm Beach Post. The writer is commenting on Obama’s recent call for aid to storm-stricken Cuba and the sickening hypocritical statement of Condi Rice in reply.

Here is the letter:

Obama's call for aid to storm-stricken Cuba inspires this Reagan Republican

Palm Beach Post Letters to the Editor

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I have been a Republican most of my adult life. I served as a senior political appointee in the Reagan and elder Bush administrations, with responsibility for Cuba and other Caribbean countries. I will vote for Barack Obama because of the statesmanship and courage he displayed in calling for humanitarian aid for Cuba's hurricane victims.

My decision also reflects my revulsion for the hypocrisy of the Bush administration and Florida's Republican delegation.

Cuba is reeling from two deadly hurricanes that left thousands of people homeless and caused billions of dollars in economic damage. Immediately after Hurricane Gustav struck, Barack Obama asked the Bush administration to suspend restrictions on family remittances, visits and humanitarian care packages from Cuban Americans for a minimum of 90 days. "This is a time when the Cuban people - not Castro - need and deserve American compassion and assistance," Sen. Obama said. Even the Cuban American National Foundation, a longtime advocate of the embargo, sent a letter to President Bush asking him to temporarily lift the restrictions. Cuba's dissidents also asked Mr. Bush to suspend sanctions.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice responded that the Bush administration refused to relax the restrictions and would only respond "to a Cuban regime that is prepared to release political prisoners (and) has a process to get to free and fair elections."

Dr. Rice's statement reached new depths for its hypocrisy, coming just one day after her meeting in Libya with Moammar Gaddafi, head of a military dictatorship that supported terrorist groups, sought weapons of mass destruction and was called the "mad dog of the Middle East" by President Reagan. Mr. Gaddafi approved the bombing of a Pan Am jet that killed 270 people. His regime is notorious for its ongoing human rights abuses. Dr. Rice's deputy called the Gaddafi meeting "a success in our foreign policy."

Although Sen. Obama knew that any call for even a temporary suspension of the Cuban embargo would cause a backlash from hardliners that could affect his electoral chances in South Florida, he rose above short-term political considerations by wisely advocating a humanitarian solution. This is statesmanship in the tradition of Ronald Reagan.

America needs a courageous and innovative president rather than one such as John McCain who would only perpetuate the failed Bush policies. On Nov. 4, this Reagan Republican is voting for Barack Obama.


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